2005 European BBS User Conference
The 2005 User Conference was a great success - with the joint hosts RoSPA able to help us grow the event still further. More than 300 delegates from more than 115 organisations attended with some 34 companies collecting certificates of achievement. Kier Support Services won the coveted Allan Poole Trophy for Outstanding Achievment despite strong competition from Pilkington Glass; Springfield Fuels and Sizewell A Power Station.
Helen Sully and colleague from Kier Support Services enjoy their win. Pictured also Roger Bibbings (Occupational Safety Advisor) and Errol Taylor (MD) from RoSPA with Tim Marsh

"Networking is one of the key benefits of attending" (Most innovative networking award goes to AWE for their mass visit to the Royal Brewery (Moss Side) the day before the conference!)
Papers from the 2005 User Conference
Another collection of excellent papers from the horses' mouth and addressing "problems we had and lessons we learned". There are 8 fascinating case study papers of this type including the Allan Poole Award winner from Kier Support Services. An excellent overview "State of the (BBS) Nation" paper from Roger Bibbing of RoSPA is also included as well as a role call of award winners. As in previous years we have edited the talks to a certain extent but at times words don't come out the way the speaker intended and/or the person transcribing mishears. We simply wouldn't presume to re-write the speakers words so if you're uncertain what a speaker means feel free to contact them direct. Or better still, come along in person next time and ask them over a coffee!
. Roger Bibbings (Occupational H&S Advisor RoSPA) "The Challenge to Behavioural Safety" (download PDF)
. Open Floor Q&A Session with Roger Bibbings of RoSPA (download PDF)
. Errol Taylor (MD of RoSPA) A RoSPA Perspective and Introduction to Finalists (download PDF)
. Derek McMillan & Stuart Conroy (Springfield Fuels Limited) (download PDF)
. Katie Nye and Harbinder Singh (Sizewell "A" Power Station) (download PDF)
. Helen Sully (Kier Group) (download PDF)
. Graham Randle (Pilkington) (download PDF)
. Martin Bate and Pete Skerrett (Dow Corning Chemicals) (download PDF)
. Clair Read (Severn Trent Water) (download PDF)
. Mike O'Connor (British Gas) David Harrison (AWE) (download PDF)
. Closing Speech and Announcement of Winning Team - Roger Bibbings (RoSPA) (download PDF)
. Role Call of Excellence Awards (download PDF)
A chance to reward all the hard work - the team from Kelloggs
Despite losing out to Kier Support Services the finalists from Sizewell A team enjoyed their day
A full house of 320 delegates at the 2005 event in Manchester