2006 European BBS User Conference
The event continued to grow with dozens of companies qualifying for certificates of achievement (please see RoSPA site for full details). The five selected finalists represented the now truly international nature of the competition as one was from India and one from Egypt - as well as three from the UK. They demonstrate that excellent work in the field is now being undertaken by workforces in every corner of the world. What price a finalist from China next time?
Delegates at the 2006 User Conference

The generic learning points were clear:-

  • management commitment is vital
  • flexibility around key principles is vital so that the approach can best fit the company in question.
  • working at a root cause level is vital
  • maximising the involvement and ownership of the workforce is essential and of course...
  • persistance in the face of adversity is vital! Well, that's my interpretation but please do read for yourselves what the speakers said in their own words.
  • Tim Marsh Conference Founder 2006

    User Conference Expert Papers

    • Prof Richard Booth - Behavioural Safety - Some Challenging Questions (download PDF)
    • Carolyn Yeoman - Occupational Stress (download PDF)
    • Questions For Speakers 1-3 (download PDF)
    • Mitsui Insurance - Nick Newlove (download PDF)

    Finalists (Case Studies):
  • Kelloggs - Richard Jones & Jim Myles **WINNERS** (download PDF)
  • LNG - Egypt (download PDF)
  • BG - India **RUNNER UP** (download PDF)
  • Trant Construction - Derek Sherlock (download PDF)
  • Nexus Solutions - Dr Mark Edniston Head of Environment, Health Safety and Quality Standards and Expectation and Anthony Rigby BBS Co-ordinator (download PDF)