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Leading Safety Culture experts Ryder Marsh have developed a suite of 3 Open Course modules to meet the needs of Safety Professionals who want their organisation to achieve a World Class Safety Culture. Building on your existing Safety Management System and our global experience of implementing Behavioural Based Safety over the last 25 years and including the wider concepts of Safety Leadership and Cultural Safety™ over the course of three days we can give you the foundations to take your organisation beyond compliance to the next level of excellence.

This set of three one-day modular courses takes a multi-disciplinary approach to introduce delegates to Safety Culture development, Safety Leadership skills and best practice in implementing a Behavioural Based Safety Process. Each module is explored in a one day session that can be undertaken individually* or together on successive days.

The sessions build to provide delegates with a complete picture of how to influence and enhance both Safety Culture and Leadership skills. With that context established, the final module guides delegates how design and implement a Behavioural Based Safety Process in a way most likely to improve organisational Safety Culture. The benefit of that and overall goal of the course is a reduction in incident rates that can only be achieved by applying a well-rounded understanding of the behavioural root causes of incidents and how to address them effectively in the wider context of the environment in which they occur.

The courses use a variety of media and techniques to make the learning experience accessible, memorable and enjoyable.

For more information contact: courses@rydermarsh.co.uk

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