Human Factors

Integrating human factors can deliver the following advantages:
. Review of Safety Management System
. Compliance with Legislation
. Detailed understanding of Human Error
. Problem Investigation
. Review and up-date of Procedures
. Production of supporting information for Safety Reports

Human Factors Tailor-made
Ryder Marsh offers a range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. These include:
. Risk Assessment
. Task Analysis for Safety Critical Tasks
. Accident / Incident Investigation / Analysis
. Workload / Fatigue Assessments and Management
. Human Error Identification and Reduction (including error profiling)
. Procedure Review and Development
. Shiftwork Review
. Human Factors Training
. Safety Management Systems

Human Factors - Complete
Ryder Marsh also offers an all-inclusive package aimed at assessing current Human Factors integration and compliance with Regulatory requirements. This not only provides a comprehensive review of current practises but also enables organisations to plan a long-term projection for becoming PRO-ACTIVE. Ryder Marsh has developed a unique process to ensure compliance with human factors regulatory requirements built on a Corporate Governance approach.