Behavioural Safety - A Truly International Technique
Bangkok, Thailand. Ryder-Marsh (Asia Pacific) lead a series of Human Factor workshops.
Malaysia: Tim Marsh with YB Dr Haji Abd Latiff Bin Ahmad (Deputy Minister of Human Resources, Malaysia) at a major Human Resources conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
"Malaysia sees BBS as central in our drive to significantly improve our industries' safety performance"
Egypt: Behavioural Safety Team Rashpetco, Idke, Egypt. Wael Elkordy (Senior Consultant, Ryder Marsh (Cairo)) runs a training session in root cause analysis.
Mumbai: Tim Marsh at the Taj hotel, Mumbai (Bombay) India, February 2003 with the CEM team.
Tata Chemicals (Utter Pradesh, India): new "Arrows" problem solving record with a time of just 13 minutes 10 seconds! (Team:- NK Shrivastava; Deena Nath Yadav; Ravidra Pande; Ajay Jadhav; Sandeep Pathak).
Singapore: GlaxoSmithKline team Feb 2003.
Dubai: Tim Marsh and Mr A R Al Subai (Saudia Aramco) at Ryder-Marsh's Emergency Response and Incident Investigation seminars - September 2002.
Dubai: A very highly rated one-day seminar on Accident Investigation. (We were rated 138 out of a possible 144 by this internationally sophisticated audience).
South Africa: Tim Marsh with Shouneez Hall (Conference Organiser, International Institute of Research, South Africa).
Tim's smiling as he has just single-handedly run an interactive one-day workshop for 28 delegates from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and (bizarrely) Greece! This "International Masterclass (IIR's words) in Behavioural Safety Techniques" course received a rating of 222 out of a possible 224. Two delegates struggled a little with the language and docked Tim a point for that - much to his frustration!
Rotterdam: finally closer to home, taking a water taxi from the steps of the hotel to Quaker Oats, Rotterdam. Pictured is Richard Boyes-Jackson, Head of Safety, Quaker.