Outtakes Video
Europe's largest selection of safety videos. Most of the videos are excellent and available on free trial

Link Associates
Leaders in strategic and corporate risk solutions

The magazine for European Occupational Health and Safety

The site of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Ergonomics Society
The Ergonomics Society is the professional institution for Ergonomics within the UK. The website provides useful links and information concerning ergonomics within the UK.

British Psychological Society
The BPS is the professional institution for Psychology within the UK. It controls the professional standards, and their website provides various links and information

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

Bad Designs
An interesting website containing a slightly idiosyncratic selection of everyday examples of poor ergonomic design.

Department of Health

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
The professional body for human factors in the US. This has the largest membership of any Human Factors Society

The Health and Safety Executive
This website has extensive information and links on all aspects of health and safety, and the activities of the HSE

Medical Research Council
The Medical Research Council undertakes a broad range of applied research, including psychology and human factor.
If you pay careful attention you may just notice that this site is run by Prof Dominic Cooper (of B-Safe) but it is an excellent "independent" source of information, discussion and opinion re behavioural safety.
This site contains a number of very "anti BBS" articles. These attacks are valid if addressed at the "if you can walk over hot coals you can act safely" style initiatives that call themselves behavioural safety but shouldn't. (See Conference Review 2003)