Ongoing Work
As well as organisations mentioned elsewhere in this section we are currently working with companies in the following industries:
. North Sea Oil Production
. Construction
. Chemical manufacture
. Pharmaceutical manufacture
. Oil Rig Production
. Commercial Waste Disposal
. (Dockside) Heavy Plant Maintenance and Repair
. Financial Services (an unusual office based intervention)
. Several Food Production Factories
. A major manufacturer of Office Equipment

As work reaches its conclusion and permission is received to write up results for on-going work and previous work we will add to this page.

The major research findings

Whether introducing a behavioural intervention as academic research - or as a commercial consultancy activity - one major research finding stands out above all others. If senior management are committed to the intervention it always succeeds (we personally haven't experienced or even heard of an exception to this rule). If, on the other hand, management commitment is weak and/or the intervention is seen as one that can be bought 'off the shelf' and implemented with little effort then a behavioural intervention can well fail - as the inevitable obstacles hinder progress. (Time commitments for observers can be inconvenient; safety representatives and supervisors can resent change - quite natural as most of us resent any sort of change - and the empowerment of others; management may find acting on the increased and expectant communication difficult and inconvenient).

To restate however, if senior management commitment is strong enough then the intervention will work, any and all obstacles will be overcome - and significant improvements in safety performance will be delivered.