Products and Services
The following is a summary of the services offered by Ryder-Marsh (Safety) Limited.
Behavioural Based Safety
Behavioural Based Safety is a process that reduces unsafe behaviours that can lead to incidents occurring in the workplace. The process works by reinforcing safe behaviour and identifying the causes of unsafe behaviour.
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Safety Leadership
One of the key predictors of an organisations safety culture is perceived management value of safety, often expressed by the behaviour of managers within the organisation. It is the leadership behaviour therefore of manager that often can being key influence in risk taking occurring within organisation.
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Human Factors
It is well accepted that human failure is involved in nearly 80% of all accidents. What is not accepted is that ‘human error’ is something beyond our control. Human Factors offers the systematic approach to controlling human error and provides an understanding of human capabilities and limitations within the working environment.
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Incident Investigation Services
Ryder Marsh, as one of the leaders in the field of behavioural aspects of safety management, is quickly developing a reputation of excellence for the delivery of incident investigation services and training. Our approach is to help companies improve their incident investigation processes by transferring skills and knowledge into a company. In turn, companies can experience improved incident analysis, improved reports and incident reports, reinforcement of a just culture and reduction in incidents.
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Safety Culture Assesment and Organisational Development
A positive safety culture has been demonstrated to be one of the key factors in determining organisational safety performance and has been linked to business excellence, more tragically the flip side of the coin is that a poor safety culture has been found as one of the root cause of some the worlds’ most notorious disasters (Piper Alpha, Kings Cross, BP Texas).
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Organisational Stress Services
Ryder Marsh offers an extensive range of organisational stress management services including:
1. Stress Audit/Stress Risk Assessment
2. Employee Assistance Programme Consultancy
3. Independent audit of EAPs and Workplace Counselling Programmes
4. Evaluation of EAPs and Workplace Counselling Programmes
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Process Safety Compliance Audit and Action Plan
Following the highly influential Baker Report a number of organisations have sought to fully understand the extent of any problems with their process safety. Our experienced team, trained in the nuclear industry, will help with assessment and planning.
Bespoke Consultancy