Quality Assurance
We pride ourselves on our reputation as market leaders. To underpin this position our work comes with three simple assurances:-

. That we give an unequivocal undertaking that without question or debate we will not invoice for work undertaken if the client is not wholly satisfied.
. That we do not tie clients to any form of on-going licence agreement. (Our terms and conditions simply aim to protect the misuse of our material).
. That we will continue to provide clients with telephone support and advice indefinitely. All clients also receive up to 15 free places at our European Behavioural Safety User-Conference - regardless of how long it has been since paid work has been undertaken. (More than 120 blue chip companies from around the world have paid to attend this conference in the past two years).

And finally we should point out that each and every client we have ever worked with has been invited to present on the topic "problems we've had, lessons we've learned" at the open BBS User Conference we facilitate every 18 months. This event is attended by all our clients past and presents and, of-course, by potential future clients.